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Jim Buss

Originally from Claremont, MN, I now reside with Linda, my wife, and Stephanie, my daughter, on Long Lake, near St. James.  We live on the farm that has been in my wife's family for nearly 150 years.

Besides teaching science, I love history, reading, and cooking.  I also hope to rediscover my love for fishing and camping and gardening.

I earned my BA in Parish Education from Concordia College in St. Paul, MN, several years ago.  In 2009 I added my elementary teaching certification.  I have taught in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Texas at various times. I am now thrilled to be at Fairmont Elementary.  

I believe that students who are engaged in their learning actually learn.  Therefore I will work hard on creating engaging lessons and activities for students to remember and cement their learning.  I also have extremely high expectations for my students and what they will accomplish.

A few items we will be learning this year are: engineering, matter, motion, physics, heat, light, and sound.

To help those in my class succeed I would like to have students: practice thinking creatively, play stimulating games that challenge them, talk to others about what we are learning in class, make connections between life events and what we are learning in class, and feel positive about themselves and their learning.  If you know a student in my class please choose one of these aspects and help them cultivate it to succeed in school, and ultimately life.  

Please call or email if you have any questions, or just come in and visit .  The best times to reach me are Monday or Thursday after school.   

Also, if you would ever like to volunteer- both coming into the school and doing things at home- let me know!

School extension- 4646

Room 106

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