Anne Holm

7th Grade Life Science Teacher 

Background Information:

I grew up in North Dakota in a small town and graduated in a class of 28 students.  Following graduation from high school, I attended Concordia College in Moorehead, MN for two years.  It was at Concordia that I became interested in studying Biology.  Wanting to explore Marine Biology, I transferred to Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon.  I graduated from Pacific University in 1987 and taught 10th grade Biology at Forest Grove High School.  In 1988 my husband and I moved to Fairmont, MN and shortly after I started teaching for Southern Plains Special Education Cooperative.  In 2001 I started teaching 7th grade Life Science for Fairmont Area Schools.  

How to Understand my Skyward Grade Book: I group student work into three categories and each category is weighted as shown below:
Assessments (This category is for summative assessments at end of units) 80% of the total grade

Practice (This category is for homework, formative labs, quizzes and knowledge checks) 15% of total grade

Task Management Skills (This category is for organizational and compliance tasks) 5% of total grade

Please note: If you see an * instead of a grade/score listed for an assignment, then it means that I have not yet entered the grade for the assignment and that is is not necessarily "missing".  If an assignment is missing there will be a 0 entered for the score and unless otherwise noted I am still expecting the assignment to be completed and handed in.  

What to do if you have been absent:
You will be able to check Google Classroom for information/resources/assignments from missed classes. 
Upon your return to school please do the following:
1) Bring your planner (and note) to the office and get your planner stamped.
2) Bring your stamped planner to me at the beginning of class and get any materials that I have set aside for you and we will discuss timelines for you to complete the work you missed.

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