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English 8 covers the Minnesota Standards for reading and writing as is applies to a variety of genres. Students will strengthen their critical thinking skills, develop speaking and listening skills, and enhance their writing ability.  With your student, click here for the future link to the log in page for our new 
curriculumMy Perspectives.   There will be a variety of information available for you including the digital textbook and a calendar of assignments.  

Skyward Instructions
In Skyward there are two grading categories.  One is for daily work which is called Daily Work in Skyward, the other is Mastery and Understanding of learning which is called Assessment in Skyward.  Daily Work is worth 25% of the student's grade, and the assessments are worth 75% of the student's grade.  An * means that the assignment has been turned in but is currently ungraded.  If a "0" appears in Skyward, this means that the student has not completed and turned in the daily work or has received a "0" on the daily work or assessment.

My Schedule 

(First Semester)                                          (Second Semester)

First hour:  English 8                                                           First hour: English 8
Second hour: English 8                                                        Second hour: Prep
Third hour: English 8                                                           Third hour: English 8
Fourth hour: Prep                                                                 Fourth hour: English 8
Fifth hour:Study Hall                                                           Fifth hour: Study Hall
Sixth hour: English 8                                                            Sixth hour: English 8
Seventh hour:English 8                                                        Seventh hour: English 8

What to do when a student is absent/homework
Please check your student's planner for information about what students did in class today and any homework that may have been assigned.   A schedule of the day's activities will be posted on the white board in the front of the classroom.  Students may drop by before or after school on designated days.  Students should plan to bring their stamped planner to me at the beginning of class following an absence so that we may schedule a time line for make up work to be completed.


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