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Mrs. Cyndi Johnson
English Instructor

Class Schedule

   1st Semester                                 
Period 1 8:20-9:07 Prep Senior Advisor Time
Period 2 9:12-9:59 Honors English 11  Honors English 11
Period 3 10:04-10:53 CIS Honors English 12 CIS Honors English 12
Period 4 10:58-11:48 CIS Honors English 12 Honors English 11
B Lunch 11:48-12:15 Lunch  Lunch
Period 5 12:20-1:07 Honors English 11 Prep
Period 6 1:12-1:59 Study Hall  Honors English 11
Period 7 2:04-2:51, 2:51-3:12 Honors English 11 CIS Honors English 12
  Cardinal Expectations:
  • Act in a Safe and Healthy Manner
  • Treat all Property with Respect
  • Respect the Rights and Needs of Others
  • Take Responsibility for Learning

Course Information:

Honors English 11      
Credits/Length: Full Year Course, 2 Semester Credits       
CIS Advanced Placement Honors English 12

English 1105 - Introduction to Literature (3 college credits through Minnesota West Community and Technical College) Study of the elements, forms, and content of fiction, drama and poetry.

Student Eligibility Requirements to the Reach Program (CIS):

  • High school rank requirements for PSEO (top ⅓ of class as juniors and top ½ of class as seniors) OR by scoring at the 70th percent on an ACT as a junior (24 overall ACT or higher) or 50th percent on an ACT overall or higher)


  • 78 or higher on the Reading Comprehension Accuplacer or a 18 or higher on the Reading ACT

Once students qualify and meet the eligibility requirements, a Non Degree Student Data Information Form (registration form), an official high school transcript, and the Accuplacer Assessment scores or ACT scores must be submitted through the counseling office for Minnesota West.

Special Note from Mrs. Johnson: Some of the material read and discussed contains sensitive topics.  The content and discussions will be handled with professionalism and appropriateness but should be considered for students with the intellectual and emotional maturity to process the information.  This class, as well as many others, will develop citizens for our world.

Plagiarism Statement: Code of Conduct - Academic Integrity form is required

Plagiarism means copying someone’s writing and ideas and turning it in as your own original work. This includes copying from a student’s paper or worksheet/assignment, newspapers, magazines, on-line sources or any other print sources. Students will be considered to be cheating for roving eyes, cheat sheets, open books, notes or materials during test without explicit teacher approval, other forms of cheating. There is a time and place for Spark Notes. Mrs. Johnson will discuss this with you.  Using Spark Notes instead of reading the text is considered cheating!!  Plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated! Penalties range from receiving no credit for the assignment to being dropped from the class with an “F”. Please note that plagiarism need not be intentional.


Concurrent Enrollment / REACH Program Student Agreement of Understanding


Veteran Services:Minnesota West is dedicated to assisting veterans and eligible family members in achieving their educational goals efficiently. Active duty and reserve/guard military members should advise their instructor of all regularly scheduled military appointments and duties that conflict with scheduled course requirements. Instructors will make every effort to work with the student to identify adjusted timelines. If you are a veteran, please contact the Minnesota West Veterans Service Office.


To receive reasonable accommodations for a documented disability, please contact the campus Student Services Advisor or campus Disability Coordinator as arrangements must be made in advance. In addition, students are encouraged to notify their instructor.

This document is available in alternative formats to individuals with disabilities by contacting the Student Services Advisor or by calling 800-658-2330 or via your preferred Telecommunications Relay Service.

A Member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System

An Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Educator/Employer

The information in this course outline is subject to revision.

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